pictures black svt cobra terminatorHands down, my favorite Mustang ever built is the 2003-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra Terminator. Nicknamed the Terminator by the SVT development crew, the Cobra pumps out 390 horsepower and 390 foot pounds of torque. Some say the horsepower rating is underrated, actually making 430 horsepower.

At the time this was the most powerful production Mustang ever produced by Ford, that's until the Shelby GT 500 came out. What makes the SVT Cobra Terminator so special to me and many other Mustang enthusiasts is the muscular look it expresses. There isn't any Mustang to date that has such a unique muscular stance to it, the aggressive front facia, hood with functional vents, and spoiler are just awesome. But what made this Cobra so special is the Eaton M112 roots supercharger.

For the longest time Ford hadn't produced a cobra that lived up to its name. The previous Mustang Cobras were producing only 300 horsepower and most F-bodies were stomping all over them in a drag race. That's until the Terminator came out and changed things forever, with just a change of a pulley for the Eaton roots supercharger, upping the PSI to 12, you're almost making 500 horsepower. With just minor bolt ons, 600 horsepower can be achieved. This Mustang is just a plain beast, this model will always be remembered as the year Ford flipped the script and decided to outdo every production muscle car out on the road.
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