How cool would this double blower supercharged Cobra Mustang be if it was real? Came across this gem when I was searching for custom Mustang on Google. I guess it is possible to have two superchargers and blowers, but you would have to have one bulletproof engine to take all that pressure from the superchargers. This is definitely a dream car for me, I would just love to have this supercharged Cobra Mustang sitting in my garage right now, able to take it out anytime I want and drag race.

custom shelby gt500 mustang

Absolutely sweet, check out this custom red and gray Shelby GT500 Mustang. You wouldn't think red and gray would go well together on a Mustang muscle car, but it definitely does. This paint job looks majestic on the Shelby GT500 Mustang. Ever since Chip Foose came out with Eleanor in the cult classic movie Gone in 60 Seconds, the Shelby GT500 theme has been in. That's why you're seeing so many modern Mustangs looking like Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds.

4 cylinder ecoboost 2015 mustangYou're looking at the new 4 cylinder ecoboost engine for the 2015 Ford Mustang. Chances are it's going to be turbocharged, possibly even twin turbo, but nothings in writing yet. This is just a rumor and there has been a video cruising around the web showing a camouflaged Mustang speeding away making a turbo noise, so chances are you're going to see a turbo 4 cylinder Mustang. It's really just inevitable that Ford is going to have to introduce a economy line Ford Mustang that gets good gas mileage. But knowing Mustang enthusiasts, they're gonna want a good gas mileage Mustang that's got a lot kick too. The only drawback with a turbocharged 4 cylinder ecoboost engine is you won't have that gorgeous V8 sound anymore. I guess it's only a few more months till we find out what Ford has in the works for us Mustang enthusiasts. One day I definitely would like to see an electric battery powered Ford Mustang as well too, of course with the kick and power we have with today's combustion engine V8.

ford mustang gtr conceptFord has rekindled history of the orange Mustang Boss 302 Trans-Am race car with this concept back in 2005. It's actually my favorite Mustang ever built, it's called the Mustang GT-R Concept. The 2005 Mustang GT-R Concept was built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. Also signify what's to come in the future for the Mustang. The Mustang GT-R Concept was a big hit with Mustang fans around the world.

Ford hit the nail right on the head with this concept. Honestly I think they should of came out with this GT-R as a specialized Mustang instead of the Shelby GT500 Cobra. I think many Mustang owners and fans would agree. What made the concept such a success with me, was the custom split headlights, custom hood, sweet rear tail lights, and the awesome custom rims. The yellow paint job blended in great with the black carbon fiber hood.

Ford made it up the good looks with a 440 horsepower cammer V8 engine. If you want more power from the engine, the engine can be tuned to 505 horsepower. The whole package turned out perfect if you ask me, is just too bad Ford never put the concept into production.

yellow mustang gtrmustang gtr racingmustang gtr conceptmustang gtr concept rear2005 ford mustang gtrford mustang gtr photosford mustang gtr picturesmustang gtr concept interiormustang gtr wheelsmustang gtr cammer V8 engine

futuristic racing mustang desktop wallpaperIf you're looking for a desktop wallpaper that has a cool futuristic Mustang theme to it, you might like this one. Every modification to this Mustang is extremely futuristic, all the scoops and bodywork are out of this world. The wheels have a nice deep dish look to them, what I really love. The combination of all these aggressive lines and curves me for a neat futuristic Mustang desktop wallpaper.

geigercars shelby gt640German tuners at GeigerCars have decided to take the current Shelby GT500 and spice things up a bit. Munich-based specialists added a 2.3 liter compressor and Geiger stainless steel sport exhaust system to bump the power output from 550 HP 510 lb-ft of torque to an impressive 640 PS (531 HP) and 588 lb-ft of torque. The muscle car is now able to go 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

On the exterior, a gold paint job has brightened things up a bit. Matte black Geiger rims and a carbon fiber hood were added as well. Other modifications include integrated intake air channel, a carbon fiber front spoiler lip, and an exquisite dead gold exterior paint job. All these modifications combined make for a nice package. GeigerCars have nicknamed this muscle car the Shelby GT640 "Golden Snake" Mustang.

If you live in Europe and looking to get a Mustang, this custom Stang can be yours for 89,000 euros or $126,000 at the current exchange rate. It's a pretty sweet Mustang, but for that price you can probably find a better sports car.

geigercars golden snake mustanggeigercars shelby gt640 grillegeigercars shelby gt640 mustang enginegeigercars shelby gt640 picturesshelby gt640 golden snake mustanggeigercars shelby mustang wheelsshelby mustang cobra emblemgeigercars shelby gt640 mustang interior

2007 geiger mustang gt 520The 2007 Geiger Mustang GT 520 is one sweet and sinister muscle car. The car has captured both the essence of a muscle car and sports car, both strong and smooth exterior. Underneath the hood is a supercharged 5.2 liter engine, where the displacement has been increased from 4.6 liters. The 2007 Geiger Mustang GT 520 makes 520 horsepower to the rear wheels, hence the "520." Torque wise, the Geiger Mustang is making 563 foot pounds at peak torque. To make the engine more bulletproof to handle the supercharger, Geiger has machined both cylinder heads, then installing sport camshafts and reinforcing the valvetrain.

On the outside everything has been made to accommodate aerodynamics. The front fascia and bumper has precise fitment for smooth sleekness. The large oval air dam ensures ample supply of cooling air for all radiators and coolers. The integrated front spoiler reduces lift on the front axle.

To top it off, Geiger added five spoke chrome wheels to the Mustang. Inside the custom chrome wheels is a high-performance brake system. Both vented and cross-drilled 355 x 32-mm brake discs and four-piston aluminum calipers were added.

Overall this is a well built custom muscle car Mustang.

geiger mustang gt 520geiger mustang gt 520 chrome wheelsgeiger mustang gt 520 picturesgeiger mustang gt 520 interiorgeiger mustang racing seatsgeiger mustang supercharged engine

mach 1 mustang drawingSome youngster on the web made this cool drawing of a classic Mach 1 Mustang. It was first sketched in pencil then finalized with a little watercolor glaze. I think the watercolor added a nice touch to the Mach 1 Mustang. This wasn't an easy drawing to do, props goes to the youngster for creating it.

big supercharger blower classic mustangWow, some people look at this classic Mustang and think that's an incredibly huge engine with a supercharger blower on it. To me it just looks like fun! A classic Mustang with a big motor and supercharger like this is probably pumping out 700 to 1000 horsepower. Perfect classic Mustang for drag racing, I bet there aren't many other muscle cars at the drag strip that can beat this classic Mustang.

beautiful custom 1965 mustangMan how cool would it be to own this custom 1965 mustang. This Mustang was created using computer software combining both classic and modern day muscle. The rims and big brake calipers go great together. I love how you can see the blower hiding underneath the hood scoop. The Ford ever made a retro Mustang like this I would definitely buy it.