A custom catback exhaust is one of the most enjoyable modifications to do for your Ford Mustang Cobra, GT 500, or GT. This is one of the more important decisions to make because of the permanent sound your new aftermarket catback exhaust will give off when you're constantly driving your Mustang, so this is very important modification to research. There are videos all over YouTube where you can listen to different catback exhaust brands and manufacturers.

I highly suggest buying a custom catback exhaust by a manufacturer such as Magnaflow for quality reasons. Magnaflow makes their catback exhaust with quality stainless steel so your piping lasts longer and doesn't rust. Magnaflow also has a great sound that many muscle car enthusiasts appreciate across the web, you'll find it's a popular catback exhaust brand on many Mustang forums.

But there are other brands out there that are just as good. MAC Performance makes a killer sounding catback exhaust, so does Bassani, Borla, and SLP. Most aftermarket brands of catback exhaust equally perform on the dyno and add about 10 to 20 horsepower. It's good practice to find out what each brand claims on performance and find out what other Mustang owners on car forums are gaining in horsepower on the dyno.

Right now we have a variety of different custom catback exhausts to choose from, catback exhausts for all different models of Mustangs including cobra, GT 500, GT, Bullitt, and even V6 models. Take your time and please come back frequently to check our stock as it's always changing.

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