2009 lee iacocca mustangParts for Mustang blog has considered all the Mustangs ever created over the years and decided to nominate the 2009 Lee Iacocca Mustang as the best Mustang ever created. You might ask why? I know there's are a lot of different custom Mustangs out there. There's Saleen Mustangs, Roush Mustangs and even Steeda Mustangs. So what makes the Lee Iacocca so special to me? I like Lee Iacocca's custom Mustang bass because it looks so perfectly smooth and pristine. Everything about the car, has taken both classic looks and modern looks of all the Mustangs ever created and established the clean perfect Mustang.

The rear end looks great without a spoiler and I love the square exhaust. The custom chrome Lee Iacocca wheels have added a nice touch. The front looks great as well, the grille without a Mustang emblem things things up a bit, but still shows off American muscle. The special edition Mustang reminds me of an old movie called Flight of the Navigator. Remember that flick from the 80s, the Mustang looks so smooth and sleek, it looks like the UFO craft from the movie.

Underneath the hood is the underpowered 4.6-liter V8 that we all hate, but hey it has a roots supercharger to boost up the horsepower to 400hp, so it's not that bad. Only 45 of these Lee Iacocca Mustang where created back in 2009, which makes the Mustang even more special to me. If I had to pick, I would choose this one to have my garage.

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